mardi 18 novembre 2003

And now a break from the long posts (finally right?)!

Tomorrow's the last day I can drive to school because we'll be getting tons of snow the rest of this week! I'm a little sad because of that, but with our weather, I'm sure we'll have a nice week again soon. But just in case you live in colder climates and you need winter driving survival tips, here are some at MSN Auto. Ehh, I suppose I can tough it out with transit once again.

Speaking of MSN, Hotmail is coming out with "the next generation Hotmail experience" soon. I checked it out and some of it looked really good. Like how even if you are on the exclusive protection level for spam, you can still get legitimate emails from people not in your contacts. This will be good since I signed all my friends' yearbooks in high school with my Hotmail address, forgetting that they wouldn't be able to email me unless they were in my contacts. D'oh!! (If the link doesn't work, it's just right above the login on their main page).

Okay this is long enough, so good night. Thanks for bearing with me!

[Listening to: Sanctuary - Chris Rodriguez - Streams (04:32)]