dimanche 12 octobre 2003


Well I've significantly cut down on TV, although I still watch my regular shows (Touched By An Angel, FreeTV, Your Music Zone, The District), but I'm trying to branch out and watch stuff I wouldn't ordinarily so I can get some new ideas for editing.

Anyways I'm watching a bit of MadTV (blocking out the audio) and there was a sketch called "Sunday Morning with Graham Clark" which was... interesting. It was a mock of a church service where "Pastor Jim" preached a sermon, only God didn't exist in this picture. It was filled with the "Amens" and all the other typical pulpit statements, but how depressing! Do people look at Christians and see us like this, getting wild over "nothing" (as it was in the skit)? Yeah, I'm over thinking this parody but still, it's more sad than funny.

Side note: I forget how funny Saturday Night Live can be - minus the gross stuff of course! It's good to laugh once in a while :)