mercredi 8 octobre 2003

"Stuffy stuff"

There are other people on the yearbook committee now! Pray that they commit for the whole year, unlike last year, and that they actually see the yearbook to COMPLETION. That would be such a nice burden off my shoulders.

I got to use the Avid for the first time ever today. What fun, what adventures! I am learning so much, and I am loving every second of it :)

Honestly, these days I am feeling so alienated. I do not feel like I belong at my college. This sucks to say since it makes me sound like I'm anti-social (which I'm not), but everyday this week, I've been reading in my car during my breaks. Seriously, sitting there and listening to music and eating lunch, trying to avoid everyone at school. I'm getting fed up with the superficiality of people and I just want to get away. But as I write this, it sounds like I am the one with the problem.

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