samedi 25 octobre 2003

Stepping into another world

Well, I went to take volleyball pictures this morning for our college's home tourney and then I headed to the library again (I'm such a geek... but I'm allowed to be, I used to work at the library!). Anyways, I took out another Francine Rivers book to read when I finished all of my other homework. Yeah, didn't exactly happen. Instead, I read straight through "The Scarlet Thread", not putting it down once since I was bawling so much! Great book, I definitely recommend it. Then again, Rivers writes in such a way that even if you don't relate at all to the main character, you will identify with their circumstances and emotions. So far, she is the only author I have read who truly allows you to completely step inside a character's mind, to the point where you share in their joys and their griefs. Isn't this what the essence of storytelling is?! If anyone has suggestions for other authors who craft their words together so well that you enter into a different world perfectly and you feel you actually become that character, let me know, I'd be glad to read some of their works!

On a side note, skateboarders rock! They are so civil and kind! I'm just saying this because they've always been so nice to me, and a few days ago, when I stopped at the crosswalk for a skateboarder, he tipped his hat at me and said "thanks" (such a rarity considering I get glares from all adults when I do this)! Maybe I'm biased though since I worked for a skateboard ministry this summer and my church just loves them and has been reaching out to them for years now :)