samedi 4 octobre 2003

Sleepover fun

Last night was an awesome night. We had over 100 youth show up and we ended up having to split them in half for the first part but it was such a fun evening! My group didn't get to go to the citywide worship event, which I guess was rather good because it wasn't what the other group expected. And when we brought the kids to a rollerskating/blading rink, it was one of the only times I've ever laughed that hard. I mean, kids in spandex, short shorts and "ice" - what a hoot! Not to mention all the tricks, crashes and water fights too :)

Then when got back at around midnight, we watched "Bend It Like Beckham", which was an interesting choice considering some of its content. I am always frustrated when I watch movies and the "guy" doesn't notice the "girl" until she's in some "pretty outfit" and then there's a moment of "oh she's the one for me" (cue lights and music). (Quotation marks because that is so typical). That is extremely lame - as if changing an outfit suddenly brings a guy to the realization that this girl is actually beautiful but she has to wear ordinary garb the rest of the time which makes her... not. And of course, the movie ended with a kiss - which drew countless sighs from all the teenage girls (good tactics Hollywood). Well there's my rant for the day, I'll try not to do anymore since hearing a person complain isn't uplifting. But really, some movies just make you go... ahh!!

Finally, my room got to bed between 3:30-5:30am depending on who was talking throughout the night. And we had to get up at 7:00am to clear the church for a funeral. So now that I'm finished my blog update, I will sleep!

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