jeudi 9 octobre 2003

School blues

I am horribly disgusted at what's going on in some classmates' lives behind college doors. Such blatant hypocrisy and these people are aware that what they've done goes against the community responsibilities agreements they signed. And what makes my blood boil is that they're in spiritual leadership positions. Shouldn't the school be more stringent on ensuring that these peoples' talk matches their walk? (I'm not saying I'm any better than these people, but I am so discouraged that these people preach to us telling us to live one way and then go out and consciously go against that themselves).

The school needs to address this. It's something everyone knows about anyways, it's just that no one talks about it. What a shame, especially if these people are to be the future leaders of the church. I'm praying that this gets addressed asap - it's almost humiliating to associate myself with this school when people of other places know about all the junk that's happening. And while I sound really harsh in this, I really am concerned about these people. If they think they can get away with stuff like this now, what will happen when they're in ministry and the truth comes out and it damages themselves, their family, their ministry and their congregants? I want to approach this issue in love, but at the same time, there is an anger burning inside me that this self-destruction is happening to my classmates. I'm worried I'll fall into that trap of denial as well and it's making me start to despise my school. Pray that I can resolve this with God - it's eating me away.

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