lundi 6 octobre 2003

Responsibilities of Leadership

I am currently reading "Spiritual Leadership by J. Oswald Sanders" for class and it is fantastic!

Here is a list of principles which I need to apply to my life from the Archbishop Benson, found on pp. 128-129.

- Eagerly start the day's main work.
- Do not murmur at your busyness or the shortness of time, but buy up the time all around.
- Never exaggerate duties by seeming to suffer under the load, but treat all responsibilities as liberty and gladness.
- Never call attention to crowded work or trivial expenses.
- Do not believe everything you hear; do not spread gossip.
- Do not seek praise, gratitude, respect, or regard for past service.
- Avoid complaining when your advice or opinion is not consulted, or having been consulted, set aside.
- Never allow yourself to be placed in favourable contrast with anyone.
- Do not press conversation to your own needs and concerns.
- Seek no favours, nor sympathies; do not ask for tenderness, but receive what comes.
- Bear the blame; do not share or transfer it.
- Give thanks when credit for your own work or ideas is given to another.

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