vendredi 17 octobre 2003

Movie fun

Our life group event was a blast!! We got to watch our movie through a projector on the side of a house - our own private theatre! I hope everyone had fun; I had the greatest time! I am so full of food right now though. Us 6 girls went through 6 bags of popcorn and then afterwards, two more girls showed up to help us finish our cakes :) Yummy. Anyways, Nicola took a bunch of pictures, so hopefully I'll be able to post those on the side soon.

Melissa posted an interesting meme on her page and I thought I would fill it out.

Pick one blogger for each of these. (The last question is exempt from this rule). You can pick the same blogger as an answer for more than one question.

The blogger you'd trust with your life: Hmm, I would say my best friend but she doesn't have a blog! So I guess that won't work.

The blogger you can trust with your deepest, darkest secrets: Alright, I'll stick to the 'bloggers only' rule. It's a secret ;)

The blogger who makes you laugh the most: Tracy

The blogger who makes you think the most: Coqui

The blogger you'd like to live near to (in terms of city - comment mine): Jeremy - okay, I'm cheating. I want to stay in my hometown.

The blogger you'd like to have as a roommate: No one. This is why I could never survive in dorms.

The blogger you'd like to go to Disneyland (or Six Flags) with: My life group - they blog.

The blogger on your blogroll who is most similar to you. How? Michelle - even though she's older, we are both in youth ministry, working on the college yearbook, have same favourite music groups, and have never dated, which is a pretty cool coincidence.

The blogger on your blogroll who is most different than you. How? Carly - she is waaaaay talented, 'nuff said.

Lastly, pick five bloggers you'd like to have a party with. What would you do? My life group again. We'd probably have a movie party again, see above :)

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