mardi 7 octobre 2003

Microsoft "works"

After having my lapper for a year and not having ANY luck trying to figure out how to view source on my browser, I decided to head over to Google and see if anyone else was having problems. Lo and behold, a ton of people have been having issues with XP and I finally found the answer to my dilemma. Just in case anyone else has had the same problem, here's what to do:

"In your internet options of Explorer first delete all temporary internet files, then change your settings to use only 20 megs of diskspace to store such data (that is PLENTY and should be the default), no matter how large your drive is. And finally you could (optional) go to advanced settings and under security check the box next to "empty temp files on exit". Problem solved! Magically, your View Source command works again as advertised!"
- from JensO on (Thanks JensO!!)