vendredi 31 octobre 2003

I'm back

At home that is. The story: road conditions were so bad that when the buses got to Carstairs, the bus driver recommended that we go back. Apparently there was something like 60 cars in the ditch, and he wanted to be safe rather than sorry. And the leaders only got to about Airdrie, so it ended up being a good idea that we go back before we attempted to head out to the secondary highways. I know the kids are so disappointed but the roads were just not friendly for anyone to drive on. Good news though, we had a great turnout for the senior high fall retreat: 85 kids and 15 leaders :) It's just too bad we ended up having to cancel. The parents were so understanding though, praise God for that!!!

Well, my muscles are aching and I am extremely weary, so good night!

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