mercredi 29 octobre 2003

I should be doing homework...

Yet here I am blogging again. I actually have a major research paper due tomorrow so this will be quick and short.

I talked to the Dean a few weeks ago and he's willing to let me do a Directed Study next semester so I can graduate! That means I get to pick my curriculum and design the study any way I want it. I'm really excited right now because I'm thinking of doing a reading course where I get to read, say, the top 25 greatest works of fiction in western civilization. Something like that. And I get credit for doing something I've always wanted to do!

As well, in about 3-5 days, I get to apply for my program! I suppose I should spill my guts as to what I want to take since I'm really praying that I get into this competitive program. I've been deliberating this over for the last few months and even though I've been having a hard time hearing God's voice, I figure if I don't take a step of action, I'll never know if this is where God is leading me or not. My friend pointed out to me that faith is followed by action, not inaction, so hopefully I'll know soon enough if this is what God wants for me! So... this is what I'm going for!

Anyways, this has been long enough so I'm going to go research some more Mormonism now (dry look on my face). Hopefully I won't have to be up late tonight working on it. Oh the perils of procrastination.

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