mardi 21 octobre 2003

I am alive!

Yes, I made it through my sermon just fine. Although I thought I was losing my voice at the beginning and I really felt nauseous too. But God is good! He calmed my nerves and got me through it without any throw-upedness or fainting. Thanks for praying everyone :)

So let's see what's happened lately. Oh life group on Sunday went well; I got to meet some of the new kids in my group which was cool. And then one of my friendly acquaintances (friends? fellow video guy? guy I helped with editing sometimes? I don't know what he is), Justin, edited a video for the youth which was fantastic and he even used a Starfield song at the end (which just made the video ending the best ever)!

So when my sermon was over yesterday, I went for lunch with my friend Christy. She's awesome and she gave me the sweetest compliment. Apparently I'm the "only sane person at college". Finally, I interviewed one of my friends about Mormonism and I was dead tired when I got home!

Today was incredible though. We had special guests in chapel... you will never believe who came today!! No, seriously. I had to make sure my eyes were working okay when I found out. Not to mention the camera frenzy I went into when I saw that NO ONE was taking any pictures! I'm still reeling from the whole chapel experience... maybe I'll tell you who the guests were tomorrow. Good night!

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