lundi 29 septembre 2003

Wrapping up

Well today I helped clean out the office to get it ready for our missions pastor. I got to take home a bunch of file folders (geek!) and some sports ministry stuff to donate to my school. I guess I'm kind of going backwards here, I had class this morning and then headed to church where I burned all of the stuff I've done over the years onto a disc so it can be cleared off the network. And you know what? My hardest class this semester has to be youth homiletics! I may dislike history and all that, but at least it's crammable material - but preaching to kids? That just has me shaking in my shoes. Give me a lesson and I can teach it but expect their undivided attention for 15-45 minutes?! AHHHH!

I finally have a copy of all the pictures I've taken over the years! And once I get some kids' permission to post them, check out all the cool stuff we've done :)

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