samedi 13 septembre 2003

Kids rule!

We had a great turnout last night for our sr high kickoff event and I had a blast reconnecting with students again - and watching them sing their hearts out at karaoke :) Today was the youth workers training day, and it was a great success. God totally answered our prayers for more leaders and coaches, and I was so amazed to see about 80 people show up (and we were still missing people!) today. Afterwards, we all went for dinner at the OSF and I got to observe a bunch of guy leaders give each other wet willies, which was quite entertaining.

"I am Your servant, God.
Where You want me to go, I will go.
Point the direction. Show me the way.
You called me to work with young people.
They want to hear Your voice, God.
They want to know You.
Help me show them the Creator of the Universe.
Send me enthusiasm when I don't feel enthusiastic.
Send me patience when I'm out of it.
Send me large shoulders to lean and cry on.
Send me ears to hear the things that aren't being said.
Send me eyes to see beneath the surface.
Send me words to say when they ask the hard questions.
Give me the ability to laugh at myself.
I am your servant, God.
Where you want me to go, I will go.
Point the direction. Show me the way.
- The Youthworkers Prayer "Book of Uncommon Prayer"

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